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Body Brushing, Purifying Scrub & Wrap, Massage Cream.

THE FIRST STEP: DETOXIFY Body Brushing, Purifying Scrub & Wrap, Massage Cream. THEMA finds its origin from the Greek language meaning ’Everything is balanced’. The main objective is to benefit the skin and give it a perfect balance before initiating body care treatments, thus intensifying the results. The purification and detoxification of the body is very important because accumulation of toxins and environmental pollutants leaves the skin in a continuous state of reactivity, also reducing the reponse of the tissues, thus slowing down the action of the ingredients and interfering with treatment results. Thema allows the body to rediscover its essence and beauty. OBJECTIVES OF THE LINE Detox, purify and nourish the skin to create a perfect balance before proceeding with specific body treatments or home care rituals. This step is crucial to improve the efficacy and maximize the results of any body cure on a long or short term basis. WHO IS IT FOR? All types of skin at any age.

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