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Intense Cellulite Treatment

SHOCK TREATMENT IMMEDIATE RESULTS Targeted applications of serums & gels, Body Wrap with intense sensation of heat & tingling, Massage. New active ingredients, new technologies that optimize reducing and sculpting to counter the imperfections of cellulite in addition to acting on skin firming. Any excess fat, in addition to a deficiency in microcirculation, brings the fat present in the hypodermis to the surface of the skin and is manifested as nodules and dimples characteristic of cellulite. This results in inflammation of the adipose tissue which becomes more and more compressed, altered and fibrous. The elasticity decreases sharply and the deterioration of the microcirculation, cause water retention and edema. OBJECTIVES OF THE LINE The main objective of the FUOCO line is to combat and resolve problems related to cellulite with active ingredients that thin, drain and regulate the permeability of capillaries, paying particular attention to the regions affected by unsightly cellulite and to the appearance of it on the surface of the skin. Attack strategy: Targeted action on fat, cellulite, tone and the appearance of skin aging. Perfect as a shock action before starting a complete cellulite treatment which will greatly promote better results in subsequent care. WHO IT IS SUITABLE FOR? Anyone wanting a short-term response and visible and immediate results before the holidays or a special event! Men and women who will then decide to proceed with an in-depth cure to get long-term results.

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